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Factory Audit

You’re thinking about working with a new factory or supplier, but you want to be sure they’re up to snuff. That’s where factory audits come in

Factory & Supplier Audit

A factory audit is performed by third party audit companies (like us!) to assess whether a factory meets the standards of its buyer. This includes things like safety, quality, and delivery time.
A supplier audit is similar, but it assesses whether the supplier can provide the buyer with the products or services they need.
At MUS Trading USA, we offer both factory and supplier audits to give you the peace of mind that you’re working with a reputable company. We’ve been in the business for years, so we know what to look for.

By conducting factory audits regularly, you can help to ensure that your products are safe and of high quality.

Goals of Factory Audit

Factory audit services are important for ensuring that suppliers meet your company’s standards for quality and safety.

Steps of Factory Audit By MUS Trading USA

Selection of supplier

The supplier or factory will be asked to provide documentation about their operations, including information on their facilities, workforce, and quality control procedures.

On-site visits of Auditor

Once a supplier has been selected, the next step is to schedule an on-site visit. During the visit, the auditor will assess the supplier’s compliance with your company’s standards and requirements.

Report generation

Finally, the auditor will compile a report detailing their findings and recommendations. If any areas of non-compliance are identified, the factory or supplier


Pre Order inspection

Pre Shipping Inspection

What Makes Our Factory Audit Different From Others?

   Better Quality management systems (QMS)

   Best supplier researches

   Strengthen your reputation

   Remarkable factory audit standards

   Quality inspection services

   More focus on business demands

   Greater efficiency and performance

   Minimum risks

   Reliability guaranteed

   Supply chain security

   Environmental controls and checks

What value does MUS Brings?

  • We assure you quality and satisfactio
  • Negotiable rates and discounts
  • We conduct performance tracking
  • We offer risk-free decisions
  • Proper customer support & facilities
  • Complete data analysis and reporting

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